Friday, August 5, 2011

Share Sansar(IMS Pvt.Ltd.)

IMS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a service provider for investing in Nepalese Share market. The company principal activities consist of all the clerical and administrative works that are required for investing in the Nepalese Share market for its Corporate and individual clients on a personalized note.
“Share Sansar” is a completely financial portal franchise of IMS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd. from where we can avail all necessary information related to Nepal Share market to the general public in a most common way.
We understand that investing in share has always been a matter of interest for majority of the people. Despite of having keen interest they are hesitant to invest due to tedious clerical works and lack of knowledge. Investors are compelled to devote ample time and resources for an unproductive clerical work. Moreover, working people tend to miss out an opportunity to apply for right shares and do not collect the bonus share and dividends for years due to lack of time and unavailability of information. Thus, we seek to establish ourselves as professionals for providing all the investment related services in every possible manner.


We plan to offer all clerical and administrative work for investing in Nepalese Share Capital market. We remain committed to the fundamental principles: Integrity, Service and Performance.


We are an objective focused institution with a result oriented behavior; planning to take over the stereotype work in Nepalese Share Capital market. We have determined some of the objectives to accomplish our mission in today’s competitive, complex and dynamic environment. Some of them stated below are:
  • To deliver efficient, prompt and hassle free clerical services for the investors of Nepalese Share market.
  • To provide up to date and in-depth financial information to our clients.
  • To find ways and means to ensure customer satisfaction through the use of Information & Technology of 21st Century.
  • To provide a conductive work environment and creating opportunities of growth and development for our stakeholders.
  • To make alliances with various likely minded institutions for the growth and development of the Capital market of Nepal.

Services Offered:

  • IPO news.
  • IPO application fill ups and submits on behalf of clients in specified institution.
  • IPO refund cheque collection on behalf of clients.
  • IPO refund cheque deposit to concerned bank accounts of clients.
  • Bonus Share Collections.
  • Dividend Collections.
  • Deposit of Dividend warrant to concerned bank of clients.
  • Right Share information.
  • Right Share fills up on behalf of clients.
  • Right Share Collection on behalf of clients.
  • Market Information (AGM notice, any news that affects client’s portfolio).
  • Right Share Renounces facility to the customers.
  • Act as a mediator/helping hand to Share brokers and other concerned institution related to Share capital market. (If, client’s demands.)
  • Providing daily early morning E-mail services to our clients to wrap up daily share related information’s, issues, etc. through our product “Share Sansar Samachar”.
  • Being a helping hand in every short of problem related to Nepal Share capital market.


  • No need to stay in long queue for dividend/Bonus share collection/deposit, IPO application/right share application collection/deposit.
  • We collect dividend within first two days of distribution and fill up IPO/right share within last two days.
  • Clients can track their portfolio status for cross verification and prompt updation through our state of the art “Share Sansar Tracker” software.
  • Clients can utilize their time on creative work instead of staying at long queue.
  • Client can get interest benefit due to early collection of dividend and late apply of right share.
  • Clients can completely rely on us related to every bit of information related to share. (Working as a helping hand.)
  • No chance of missing opportunity to fill up right share. (Help to protect client’s capital loss).
  • Clients can get utter advantage in getting updated market information.
  • No need to visit broker’s office for Purchase/Sell of shares.
  • Clients can enjoy our enhanced door to door service. (On certain locations)
  • Clients can feel secured by getting information related to their portfolio on regular interval.
  • Clients residing outside Kathmandu Valley can mostly enjoy this fully fledged secured Share Management Service.
  • Clients can enjoy Share Management Service at very nominal cost.
  • Clients need not to disclose all the information initially like total kittas, share worth, etc. Basically clients can opt for services accordingly their requirements.

Share Sansar